Wyvern (Book I: The Coin)

Wyvern (Book I: The Coin)

Wyvern (Book I: The Coin) by Kyle McGiverin, Artwork by Toby Medeiros
Paperback, 2016 

Somewhere, very far away from our own world of Earth, there is a world of breathtaking sights, extraordinary beasts, and marvellous magic. It is called Aldia, and it is the world on which 12-year-old Quinn finds himself stranded.

The humans on this world share their strange society with creatures called wyverns, dragon-like beings who have lived for centuries under an ancient and terrible curse.

So when Quinn, a boy unluckily born in the body of a girl, learns that he may hold the key to breaking the curse, he finds himself caught up in an adventure he could never have imagined, with a change to unravel the greatest mystery of all: