Wanting In Arabic: poems

Wanting In Arabic: poems


Wanting In Arabic: poems by Trish Salah

paperback, 2013

"Wanting in Arabic is a self-impelled keening for identification with a lost tongue, both that of her father's Lebanese roots and her own metamorphosis... cross-citing psychoanalytic and feminist wagers about the sexed text... with glam-porno rubber-assed aposotrophes to various lovers (not a poetics of celibacy, I assure you), with the funny and poignant savvy of postcolonial theory... This indeterminate and determined voice chronicles the trans-self's journey as a tour et retour de force... With ethical thoughness and carnal ecstasy, Salah's writing bosoms up every damn dam in the literary waterway."

-Margaret Christakos, The Globe and Mail