Veritas by Peter Wright 
Paperback, 2014 

At first, when Jordan Paliano came out of the closet, his family left him standing in the Hope Christian Church sanctuary. Fortunately, he wasn’t alone.

Then they came back for him and forced him to leave the friends and church that loved him, uprooting him and forcing him to start a new life. Now, he’s seeing an ex-gay therapist, attending a new church that is Hell-bent on “fixing" him, and starting over at a new school.

Vertias picks up where IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S ME left off, this time following the story of fifteen-year-old Jordan as he adjusts into his new life. Will he ever see his friends again? Will he ever return to the Hope Christian community where the members were just beginning to change their views on homosexuality?

Will he ever find a boyfriend?