Vampire Maker

Vampire Maker


Vampire Maker by Michael Sciefelbein
2009, Hardcover

Victor Decimus has been a vampire for more than two thousand years.

Once a Roman Legionnaire, for millennia Victor has remained a step or two ahead of rivals, would-be executioners, and the mysterious Dark Kingdom, which sets the rules for vampires' existence. Having left New York and his lover--the vampire he made then abandoned to escape the vengeance of the Dark Kingdom--Victor sets himself up again, with his thrall, in New Orleans.

But in New Orleans, his thrall becomes the point of a new, larger conflict. On the one hand, a local priest seeks to break Victor's hold over the thrall. On the other, the Dark Kingdom fears that Victor is going to become a Vampire Maker--one who continually creates new vampires while refusing to take his place on the next plain of existence, thus creating an imbalance in the powers of the universe. And between both walks, Victor, determined to have his own way, exerts control and remains defiant to the end.