Universal Hunks

Universal Hunks


Universal Hunks by David L. Chapman with Douglas Brown

first published 2013, paperback


A lively, wide-ranging visual history of muscular men from around the world. 

Over the last 100 years, the image of the muscular man has known no boundaries; it has been the object of envy, admiration, and desire, and used to convey optimal health and fitness, product appeal, political power, and military might. Universal Hunks, David L. Chapman's follow-up to American Hunks, is a captivating collection of historical images of muscular men from around the world beginning in the 19th century up until the 1970s, including photographs, posters, advertisements, magazine and comic book covers, and product packaging. The book considers the eroticized, politicized, and commercialized male image through history, and evaluates its fascinating cultural context by country and continent; culled from the author's personal collections, it includes materials never published before, including images of Asian bodybuilders, European comic-book superheroes, African tribesmen, and muscleman posters from the Soviet Union. The book also includes a foreword by cultural and sports historian Douglas Brown. 

Full-color throughout, Universal Hunks is a thought-provoking and sexy visual tour of musclemen from all parts of the globe.