Tricks by Renaud Camus

Published 1981, Paperback

A succès de scandale in France, Renaud Camus's Tricks is a graphic chronicle of a young French author's homosexual encounters. These twenty-five tricks—relations which take place only once: more than cruising, less than love—are played out against the backdrop of bars in Paris and Milan, sunlit Riviera beaches, parks, baths, movie houses, and bedrooms from New York to San Francisco.

Camus captures the immediacy of his sexual experiences with French farm boys and businessmen, New York "cowboys," California intellectuals, leather boys, and amyl-sniffing queens in explicit narratives filled with wit and affection. Camus does not justify, plead or interpret; he simply tells all--scenes and partners of the moment, from the first interested glances and small talk to the details of physical intimacy and final partings.

Tricks is new, unique, important--an original experiment in the depiction of sexuality. It is the first book to chart this one aspect of contemporary gay life directly and objectively without the distortions of sentimentality, sensationalism, or fantasy.

CONDITION: Good condition, some wear on the spine