Year of Ice, The

Year of Ice, The


Year of Ice, The by Brian Malloy
2002, Paperback

It's 1978 and a typical January day in Minneapolis - except for Kevin Doyle, whose mother died two years ago when her car plunged into the icy waters of the Upper Mississippi. A high school senior, Kevin is a marginal student obsessed with keggers, rock and roll, maintaining his place in the pecking order of high school males, and - unbeknownst to anyone else - a boy in his school with thick eyelashes and a bad attitude. As lonely women vie for his father's attention, Kevin discovers his father's own closely guarded secret: At the time of his wife's death, he had planned to abandon his family for another woman. More disturbing, Kevin's mother's death may well have been a suicide, not an accident.

In the coming year, a series of painful truths threaten the shatter the tentative bonds between father and son and wreak havoc on the lives of those nearest to them.

Winner of the American Library Association's Alex Award.