The Story of the Night

The Story of the Night


The Story of the Night by Colm Tóibín
1996, Hardcover


The streets of Buenos Aires are empty at night, and people notice nothing because they have trained themselves not to see. This is Argentina in the time of the generals. Richard Garay lives alone with his mother, hiding his homosexuality from her and from the world. Stifled by a job he despises, he finds himself willing to take chances, both sexual and professional. But in the aftermath of the Falklands War, new freedoms seem possible, and the arrival of two American diplomats offer him hope and the prospect of making his fortune. As his country slowly makes its peace with the outside world, Richard tentatively begins a love affair – but the Faustian bargain he has made with experience gradually darkens. The Story of the Night is a powerful and moving mix of politics, passion, and intrigue that confirms Tóibín as one of the finest writers of his generation.

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