The Great Meeting Room [eBook]

The Great Meeting Room [eBook]


The Great Meeting Room by Raymond Helkio
2000, eBook
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The two boys search the world for understanding but find something better.  The Great Meeting Room is an allegory for our time and a potent reminder that what we seek from the world is already within us.

"What George Orwell’s Animal Farm is for adults, The Great Meeting Room is for all of us. It shows how easily power can corrupt even the well-intentioned. But this book also illustrates how to live with joy in the midst of the muck. Whatever your age, you’ll be swept away by its boldness – both in design and in message." IRSHAD MANJI, AUTHOR

"Helkio takes it to a new level with his splendid, nuanced, and gorgeous book, creating a story that would resonate with kids before homophobia does." SHAUN PROULX, GAY GUIDE NETWORK

"This book teaches kids that they don’t need a special key. They can find their own door, their own path." ROLYN CHAMBERS, DAILY XTRA "A profound life lesson... even as a grown-up this book will be immediately added to my library." MISS CONCEPTION, 103.9 PROUDFM

"...a beautiful and smart story - perfect for boys loving boys." KEITH COLE, PERFORMANCE ARTIST

“A profound life lesson made in a very sweet and simple way... even as a grown-up this book will be immediately added to my library.” ANTOINE ELHASHEM, PRESIDENT INSPIRE AWARDS, THE PINK PAGES

"The design is striking and is sure to please the kids on your gift list." PAUL BELLINI, MYGAYTORONTO.COM

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