The End by Anna

The End by Anna


The End by Anna by Adam Zachary
2016, paperback

Anna's greatest artwork would have been her last: live-streaming her death of exposure on a remote stretch of tundra.  Part love triangle, part meditation on performance art, and part archival document of creative prodigy, this genre-bending novel is an intelligent and emotionally resonant work from a bold and ambitious new literary voice.

"This is glorious literature for our post-internet age.  Queer and subversive, with a delicate melancholy that has stared at the screen for long enough and now wants to embrace the world.  Literature as performance but better than that.  This short book has all the space it needs to cut us to the quick" -- Jacob Wren, author of Polyamorous Love Song

"The End, by Anna is a book that goes beyond our reality to become something that straddles art, literature, poetry, and pure sensation." -- Jess Taylor, author of Pauls