The Chesapeake Project

The Chesapeake Project


The Chesapeake Project by Phyllis Horn
1990, Paperback

Like the many generations of watermen who have sailed the Mid-Atlantic's storied Chesapeak By, Jessie Andrews and her father make their living harvesting crab from its depths.

Jessie's father is murdered - and his shocking, gruesome death contains a symbolic message: his killers are not finished. They did not find what they sought. Realizing she is in mortal danger, Jessie flees with her lover Meredith.

Jessie disgueses herself in male clothing, and finds work on her beloved Chesapeake Bay when Wash, a black waterman, hires her. He tells Jessie, "Sometimes I see things. I know things... I ought not to know."

But even Wash cannot see the full extent of the danger closing in on them. The women are pursued by the killers of her father and a lethal creature aptly nicknamed the Animal. And Federal agents are involed - because the peril to Jessie and Meredith is part of a larger scheme involving the highest levels of America's government.