Telling by Carol Matas 

1998, paperback

Carol Matas's gripping new novel chronicles one eventful summer in the three sisters' lives, one of challenges for them all. Thirteen-year-old Corey, the youngest, is swayed by her reckless group of friends into taking some big and dangerous risks. Sue, the eldest, is in love with her new boyfriend, but how much does she have to compromise to keep him? For middle child Alex, who's landed her first job in a Renaissance Fair, the challenge is to figure out how to stand up for what she believes, when doing so means going against the wishes and expectations of others. 

That dilemma - whether to follow others or oneself, whether to be "nice" instead of honest - is one they all share. All the three girls have lied - to each other, to their friends and, most crucially, to themselves. But in their "tellings," their late-night tell-all sessions, only the truth is allowed, no matter how not "nice" it may be. As each recounts her summer story, sharing her innermost insecurities, they all gain hindsight, challenge each other and, ultimately, face their own truths. 

Absorbing, full of surprises, Telling is, at its unique heart, about the power of "girl talk" to overcome fear, articulate beliefs and transform lives.