Tasty Trick

Tasty Trick


Tasty Trick by Samuel West
1974, Paperback

The loneliness of strangers to the Big City and the perennial urban American housing shortage combine to produce a bonanza for unscrupulous operators. Relator Mitch Rowan boasts that "scruples are for schnurrers. I'm here to make a living." He will do anything --to anyone--in order to "make a living." Rowan preys on lonely homosexuals. His principle victim and cohort and lover is a Manhattan swinger, Stacy Bennett. 

Tasty Trick takes you behind the scenes to reveal the inner workings of a racket not yet in the hands of the Syndicate. You'll find out what you've always wanted to know about sharing a stranger's apartment. The next time you meet a lad who benevolently invites you to move into his big roomy pad in that new high-rise down the Drive, you'll be prepared.

Or would you rather succumb and face the consequences? Getting ripped off by a stud like Stacy isn't the worst fate for a sucker.