Stuck Rubber Baby

Stuck Rubber Baby


 Stuck Rubber Baby by Howard Cruse


Winner of the Eisner and Harvey awards.

"Art and story combine powerfully in this lyrical tale of a young man caught in the maelstrom of the civil rights movment and the entrenched homophobia of small-town America. Toland Polk, the son of an uneducated white carpenter, has grown up in the Southern town of Clayfield. It is the 1960's, a time of passionate beliefs and violent emotions, and Clayfield's citizens are divided in the fight over segregation. As Toland fights on the side of the civil rights activits, he slowly begins to realize that he also has a more personal battle - to accept that he is gay. 

With a subtle yet intricate plot, and distinctively evocative illustrations, Stuck Rubber Baby is an unflinchingly honest look at one man's world of fears, dreams, and prejudice."

-from the book's cover