Strange Trio, The

Strange Trio, The


The Strange Trio by Rhona Rollins
published in 1967, paperback

"The story of lesbians wild, shockproof and sensuous making their own world of different living - not because they were weak, but because they were strong and condemned the outside interlopers...seeking their own particular sack of enchanting happiness.

A sleek redhead - an angel faced blonde and a petite brunette in a blockbuster story of the life that judged them and had been found wanting. They wanted to be women but were fragments instead. They wanted to climb the peaks- but climbed too high. The story of women who gave friendship to man and love to each other. 

Put the fragments together and there was still no women. Girls of the trio whom life had judged, love had judged, and what was left when the flame went out. 

Intensely revealing of the girl trio who made the plunge"