Steel Animals

Steel Animals


Steel Animals by S.K. Dyment
2012, Paperback 

Hilarity and queer magic realism take the reins when Jackie, loner with a secret bank-robbing pesona, meets Vespa: sexy, sculpture-welding artist and collector of vintage motorbikes. Still planning elaborate revenge on a New York ex-lover, Jackie tests her new relationship, realizing how love changes hatred only after her scheme runs out of control.

Then an innocent misstep swings their romance into the dangerous orbit of a construction mogul intent on subverting corporate money at any cost. Soon the companions find they have dragged their gang of art-loving queer friends, delightful baby Arnica (born at a group therapy session) and two mysterious riders from Toronto into bigger trouble than they may be prepared to handle.

Together the friends travel along one of America's most picturesque routes, racing towards a trap -- and an explosive conclusion!