Song of the Loon

Song of the Loon


Song of the Loon by Richard Amory
Original publication 1966.  3rd Reprint , Paperback

Excerpt from foreward: Thus strangers greeted him as he made his way through the wilderness.  His coming was heralded...eagerly awaited by the noblemen of the forest, and they guided him in his search for the new meaning of love... for a new self, that he must learn to love before the love of others could fully be his. From the bronzed, proud Singing Heron,... from the gigantic trapper, Cyrus... from the supple Tlasohkah, and the great chieftan Bear-who-dreams, Ephraim learned to sing and to share the ecstatic song of the loon.

Note: This book is considered part of the development of the cannon of gay erotica but readers should note that the cover of this book features racist depictions of indigenous people and the content is colonial without critique.

CONDITION: Very good (pages yellowed, ink mark on spine)