Skinflick: A Dave Brandstetter Mystery by Joseph Hansen 
1979, Hardcover

"In this 5th book of the Dave Brandstetter series, Dave deals with religious zealots, adult filmmakers and “smut peddlers” and goes through major life changes, which provides a glimpse at Dave’s softer side. 


His father’s death left Dave Brandstetter with a hole in his heart and an inheritance in his bank account. The money allowed him to venture out on his own, launching a freelance insurance investigation agency that specializes in suspicious deaths. His first case is potentially explosive, and if he isn’t careful, it could be his last.


Crusading evangelist Gerald Dawson believes that piety and violence go hand-in-hand. To clean up his local skid row, he has taken to vigilante justice, ransacking pornography shops and intimidating their owners. When Gerald is found with his neck snapped, the police finger smut peddler Lon Tooker for the crime, but Dave disagrees. As he digs into the holy man’s nighttime activities, he finds a collection of sins that would make even the devil blush."

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