Side by Side

Side by Side


Side by Side by Isabel Miller
1990, Paperback

The book we've all been waiting for... from the author of the most cherished lesbian novel of all time - Patience and Sarah.

Love between Patricia and Sharon is born during the days of their childhood. Maybe even before. Discovered in their love and separated by their parents, the two travel very different paths in the ensuing years, their love tested by time, distance and other women.

They find each other in a singular place: New York City. During a singular and tumultuous event: the rebellion at a tavern called the Stonewall Inn.

Side by Side shows us the fear and heroism of gay men and lesbians at the perilous, exhilarating, unprecedented birth of a community.

It takes us into the hearts of two young women determined to live as they must know who learn to dare, to seize their courage and put everything on the line: their jobs, their lives, their future.