Seawitch # 1 [e-zine]

Seawitch # 1 [e-zine]


Seawitch # 1 by Clementine Morrigan
2014, e-zine
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Quarter-size, 40 pages. This text-heavy zine is about friendship, polyamory, love and queerness. It’s about loving being femme, ptsd, depression and internalized ableism. It’s about intoxication culture, spirituality, paganism and being a witch. It’s about fear and surrender.

“i am sitting at a table with a group of friends. across from me is my partner, my best friend, the person i am so in love with. next to me is a person he occasionally goes on dates with. she’s smart and cool and pretty and kind. we’re all laughing and i am feeling my feelings.”

“when we reproduce intoxication culture we create divides in our communities. when we reproduce intoxication culture we hold up a standard of normalcy and desirability that many people die trying to live up to.”

“i adore femmes. i notice and value femme skill sets. i appreciate the diversity and vast difference in the ways femme is embodied.”

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