Sailors & their Boys

Sailors & their Boys


Sailors & their Boys by Gary Rich 

Published 1967, magazine. 

As soon as Ben Hatfield entered the gay bar, he was aware of one thing--only men were inside! The talk subsided as they saw the tall, broader-shouldered Navy man in white pants so tight, he could hear someone whisper, "Get a load of that! Bet he's got mule blood in him." The others laughed and Ben's ears turned red. Shyly, he went to the bar, produced identification to show he was over 18, then was served a drink. The juke box blared a rock'n'roller. He turned to see the boys dancing together. A hand brushed against his bottom. Ben saw a nice looking youngish man in a Mod-style suit, smiling at him. "How about my buying you the next drink?" offered the man. An hour later, he had taken Ben into the bathroom, opened his pants and gasped. "Kid I don't know if I can take all of you." Others soon came into the bathroom and now Ben was given a real taste of gay life. It changed him right then and there.