Run Softly, Go Fast

Run Softly, Go Fast


Run Softly, Go Fast by Barbara Wesba

Published 1972, Paperback

"All my life I worked hard for you, and what do I get in return? A person who can't even be polite! Who can't even be human! You give a child every advantage, and he turns into a bum."

Leo Marks says these words just before he dies; and on the day of his funeral, his nineteen-year-old son begins a diary to examine their estrangement. David's tangled thoughts lead him back to a conventional childhood in New York, to his disillusionment with this successful father, and to this sudden flight towards the East Village, drugs, and freedom. Although he is seeking answers, David can only relive the hatred he felt during those years when Leo, a self-made man, tried to transform his artist son into a member of the establishment.

Run Softly, Go Fast examines in depth the relationship between parent and teenager, and the hurtful awakening that is adolescence. The truths it uncovers will startle some and displease many, but they are truths that are a part of America today, and they must be faced.

CONDITION: Very good condition