Return to Nevèrÿon

Return to Nevèrÿon


Return to Nevèrÿon  by Samuel R. Delany
1994, Paperback

In this chronicle of a long-ago land on civilization's brink, Gorgik the Liberator's campaign to end slavery has been successful. But in the novel and two novellas comprising this fourth, final, and eponymous volume in Delany's series, slavery is both a political memory and a sado-masochistic sexual fantasy...

The Game of Time and Pain: In this novel, stopping in deserted castle for the night, Gorgik reflects on his campaign to a barbarian boy.

The Tale of Rumor and Desire: From the gutters of port Kohari to the mountain gorge of Narnis, this novella gives a moving account of the life of a Nevèrÿon bandit and outlaw in the time of Gorgik the Liberator.

The Tale of Gorgik: With this story of Gorgik's youth, we begin our real return to Nevèrÿon...

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