Race to Equity

Race to Equity


Race to Equity by Tim McCaskell

2005, Paperback


Race to Equity is a dazzling, detailed view from the inside of the experiments, successes, and mistakes in the Toronto Board of Education's quest to provide truly equitable education for a diverse student body.

For almost three decades McCaskell and his colleagues fought to reshape the system. Their attempts to deliver anti-racism, anti-sexism, and anti-homophobia education garnered national and international attention.

McCaskell's astute blend of personal reflection and political theory illuminates a time of significant social struggle, cultural transformation, and deep learning. Drawing on a number of sources; his own memories, interviews with key participants, Board minutes, academic theory on different aspects of the work, and the wealth of documents produced along the way. McCaskell traces narrative threads through the "booming buzzing confusion" of institutional and social transformation. The result is a magical blend of personal reflections and political theory.