Queer African Reader

Queer African Reader


Queer African Reader edited by Sokari Ekine and Hakima Abbas

paperback, 2013

As the double jeopardy of homophobia and transphobia, and Western imperialism, threaten to silence the voices of African LGBTI people, the Queer African Reader is a testament to the resistance and unrelenting power of these communities across Africa and her diaspora. The collection brings together academic writings, political analysis, life testimonies, conversations and artistic works by Africans that engage with the struggle for LGBTI liberation.

The Queer African Reader aims to engage the audience from the perspective that various axes of identity - gender, race, class and others - interact to contribute to social inequality. It includes experiences from diverse African contexts and breaks away from the homogenisation of LGBTI lives and experiences through their own voices. 

Contributions from across the continent explore issues of identity, resistance, solidarity, pinkwashing, global politics, intersections of struggle, religion and culture, community, sex and love.