Piano-Bar Pickup

Piano-Bar Pickup


Piano-Bar Pickup by Roland Greene
1983, Surrey Books

Michael Jones accepts his sexual orientation, but, determined to make it as a free-lance musician in Los Angeles' highly competitive musical scene, he has deliberately chosen to remain in the closet, with his sex life playing second fiddle to his professional ambitions. Going from one furtive pickup or one night stand to another, always preoccupied with his need to be discreet, Mike never gives himself a chance to become emotionally involved with anyone one trick. After a series of flings with sailors and Marines, he meets Evert and Helga -- a sophisticated European couple who offer Mike not only the chance to break into the big time, but sexual gratification of a kind he had never anticipated experiencing.

Under their erotic erotic tutelage, Mike soon develops enough self-confidence to cruise a gay bar for the first time in his life... after further exploring his sexual potential at a Las Vegas orgy, Mike is ready to start looking for that one special guy with whom to enjoy his first real love affair.

CONDITION: Fair. Spine slightly warn, some page edges curled.