Parrotfish by Ellen Wittlinger

first published in 2007

When Angela cuts off her hair, changes her name to Grady, and begins to live as a boy, her family and friends have trouble accepting the change.


"I loved this book. It is tender, warm, sweet, funny, authentic, and completely captivating." -Julie Ann Peters, National Book Award finalist for Luna

"A superb job of untangling the complexities of gender identity and showing the person behind labels like 'gender dysphoria.'" -Booklist boxed review

"Parrotfish can serve as an introduction to transgender issues for curious readers, but it also has enough empathy to satisfy those looking for themselves in the pages. Despite Grady's unusually strong sense of self and capacity for forgiveness, he retains some complexity and is ultimately both recognizable and likable -- an awkward, slightly insecure, occasionally eloquent kid devoted to family and friends, just trying to figure out where he fits in the world." -Claire E. Gross, The Horn Book