Out of this World

Out of this World


Out of this World: Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature compiled by Andrea Paradis
1995, Paperback

Out of this World "is a book about something else - about the inventions, design, and communication of other worlds, other times, other lifeforms, other beliefs and perceptions - "virtual realities" we have never experienced, and cannot experience in everyday life. 

The book itself is something else- a collection of statements, some personal, some scholarly, by people whose daily work is the creation and processing of these unique perceptions. Writers, editors, artists, and producers of fantastic and speculative literature have discussed publications for insider genre audiences. This is the first time (not just first in Canada) that an anthology of this scope and authenticity has been published under prestigious literary auspices for the general reader. 

These auspices are something else again - this anthology celebrates Out of this World, a major exhibit mounted by the National Library of Canada, the first time any major cultural institution (once again, not just in Canada) has honoured the significance of the wide variety of other-worldly literature in the the precarious rapid-change realities of the world today."

-Judith Merril