Our God Too

Our God Too


Our God Too by Thomas L.P. Swicegood

Published 1974, Paperback

Two hundred years ago the newborn United States of America promised religious and political freedom to all its citizens. Today a long-hidden minority is emerging from the shadows to demand equal time with God who is their Father too. 

This is the uncensored chronicle of a second American Revolution, led by the Reverent Troy D Perry who battled overwhelming odds to open his Metropolitan Community Church for homosexuals, a group long excluded from he mainstream of organized religion. The courage and tenacity of this once-tiny congregation has sparked a new reformation which has shaken religious orthodoxy to its foundations while bringing community and communion into the lives of thousands who had abandoned hope. 

Our God Too! is the story of the fight for one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. 

CONDITION: Very good