Nuns Looking Anxious, Listening to Radios [eBook]

Nuns Looking Anxious, Listening to Radios [eBook]


Nuns Looking Anxious, Listening to Radios by Helen Humphreys
1990, eBook
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Nuns Looking Anxious, Listening to Radios is a work in the hazard of retrieval. What sticks in retrospect? Seldom what you would expect, not always the happiness. Otherwise you could train for life, you could actually learn from grandmothers, mothers; poems – those bodies of lines and spaces – would not appear unbidden bearing news you hold your breath to hear. Helen Humphreys comes through the rich reproach of the past into the present, a bruise, a beautiful bloom.

Helen Humphreys is the author of four books of poetry, six novels, and two works of creative non-fiction. She was born in Kingston-on-Thames, England, and now lives in Kingston, Ontario.
Her collections of poetry include Gods and Other Mortals (1986); Nuns Looking Anxious, Listening to Radios (1990); and, The Perils of Geography (1995). Her most recent collection, Anthem (1999), won the Canadian Authors Association Award for Poetry. Her most recent work of non-fiction is Nocturne (2013), a memoir about the life and death of her brother, Martin.
In 2009 Helen Humphreys was awarded the Harbourfront Festival Prize for literary excellence.

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