Not Just Another Pretty Face

Not Just Another Pretty Face


Not Just Another Pretty Face edited by Louis Flint Ceci
2016, Paperback

The stories, poems, and essays in this collection have a single element in common that unites their wide range of literary styles and genres: they all spring directly from photographs of go-go boys. 

The ideal go-go boy is the perfect erotic object. We may imagine him as lost or broken so that we might rescue him, or as potent and aggressive so that we might be the focus of his desire. But the images captured here suggest deeper, more complex realities. These dancers are whimsical, haunting, satiric, playful, ominous. They are not icons, but stories waiting to be told. 

Not Just Another Pretty Face plays with the interface of projections: what these young men are projecting in their poses and what we are projecting on them in return. It explores assumptions, prejudices, fantasies, and relevations. It looks beyond the archetype, beneath the skin.