Night Town

Night Town

Night Town By Cathi Bond
2013, Paperback

Maddy Barnes is the high-spirited daughter of a small town doctor and his beautiful, yet strong-minded wife. Maddy’s mother and grandfather hammer the family creed, “you must never falter” into the psyche of every child in the family. A philosophy her father despises, but Maddy embraces. Then something unthinkable happens and Maddy’s perfectfamily implodes. They deal with it the only way they know, each retreating into impenetrable silos to nurse their grief alone.

But Maddy can’t. Her rage and pain are too unbearable to be contained. So on her sixteenth birthday, Maddy falls through the looking glass and leaves home forever. Only she doesn’t meet the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts.

Instead Maddy tumbles down through the rings of hell, into the unknown Toronto of the 1970s – an unknown world of street drugs, bikers, body rub parlours and the first, heady days of the gay revolution.

Night Town is a search for love, family, identity and redemption, set against the rapidly changing social fabric of that time.