My Purple Winter

My Purple Winter


My Purple Winter by Carl Corley
1966, paperback

" the son of my insensitive father, I suddenly realized that no one - certainly none of us - had really cared what Dany felt or said or did...except that he work. The same as a horse or an ox or a mule. It stung me, in this breath-taking moment. encircled by his hard-muscled arms, to know how lacking we had allowed his life to be. I wanted to make it up to him, desperately.

'Dany!' I cried, putting all my love for him into the one glorious word, 'I only want one thing - your happiness! If you are ever unhappy, then I shall want to die!'

'Oh, my little Bru!' he gasped, hoarsely, his words having the ring of an angel's whisper close in my ear. He turned my naked body to face his, weeping me into his arms again, his dark head ben over mine; and he kissed me, full on the lips..."