Men on Men

Men on Men


Men on Men: Best New Gay Fiction edited by George Stambolian 

Published 1986, paperback 

This extraordinary collection gathers together the most popular and gifted voices in gay fiction today. Compiled from work in progress and originals written especially for this collection, as well as previously published fiction, these brilliant stories come from such renowned writers as Robert Ferro, Andrew Holleran, Felice Picano and Edmund White; from such bright rising talents as Dennis Cooper, John Fox and Robert Glück; and from some remarkable newcomers, including C.F. Borgman, Kevin Killian and Wallace Parr.

Told from a variety of perspectives, these eighteen pieces examine the troubling questions that most concern gay men--and all of us: Is romance still possible? What are the ties that bind individuals in the face of adversity or death? And what can our desires teach us about our weaknesses and strengths? At once a lyrical, humorous and realistic portrait of contemporary gay sensibilities, Men On Men is a wonderful introduction to the latest works by America's top and up-and-coming gay writers.

CONDITION: Good, one tear on corner