Meltdown! edited by Caro Soles
1994, Paperback

Editor Caro Soles has put together one of the most explosive, mind-bending collections of gay erotic writing ever published.

From the bleak futuristic world of 'meta-AIDS' where unprotected sex is against the law, to the old-fashioned romance of a ghost story; from a transsexual zombie love, to the alien hermaphrodite dancer with a secret taste for S/M, this collection covers a lot of territory that is not the usual domain of stories that explore gay sexuality.  Here men pursue their tricks and lovers and dream partners through time, space and memory; from the Crusades into the distant future and on to other worlds....

A volume of extraordinary imagination, Meltdown! presents both new voices and provocative pieces by world-famous novelists Edmund White and Samuel R. Delany.