Meet Grindr

Meet Grindr


Meet Grindr by Jaime Woo

first published in 2013, Paperback


"Meet Grindr" is a fascinating peek inside the world of gay hookups. Using mobile internet and GPS, men can find one another nearly anymore, and many men are: Grindr, the most popular of hookup apps, has six million users and they spend over 90 minutes a day using the service. The book is a must-read for anyone interested in how smartphones will change the way we connect and find relationships.

Within the book are answers to interesting questions like: What happens when men have the ability for sex at the literal tips of their fingers? Why does online dating not work and how can we improve it? What is the future of hookup culture and why hasn’t a straight version of Grindr worked? 

Inside “Meet Grindr” you’ll find charming examples and eye-opening studies. How is Grindr more addictive than playing slot machines? Why are men on Grindr like jars of jam? What if Grindr is actually a game, and should it become more of a team sport? 

You’ll uncovers some surprising answers, including to questions of whether design is subtly influencing users, how users could make better connections, and why — love it or hate it — Grindr has changed the way people connect.