Make All Good Things Fall Apart #1  [e-zine]

Make All Good Things Fall Apart #1 [e-zine]


Make All Good Things Fall Apart #1 by Clementine Morrigan and geoff
2013, e-zine
Digital Download- PDF

This half-size, 32 page zine, featuring a colour cover, is a collaborative project between Clementine Morrigan and geoff. It explores addiction, alcoholism, recovery, trauma, madness, radical sobriety, sobriety as resistance, intersectionality and the various ways in which addicts and alcoholics are constructed. A zine which steps out of the medical model, explicitly politicizing addiction, normative intoxication, sobriety and recovery, it is also extremely personal and intimate, daring to speak from the heart. In a world where addicts and alcoholics are frequently talked about, but rarely listened to, this zine is an unusual opportunity to hear two self-identified addicts speaking their own truths. It also functions as an invitation, asking us all to think critically about the role(s) intoxication plays in our lives and inviting us all to share our own stories and come to our own analysis.

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