Love On The Wire: A Jamaican Gay Love Story

Love On The Wire: A Jamaican Gay Love Story


Love On The Wire: A Jamaican Gay Love Story by O'Brien Dennis

paperback, 2014

Born and raised on an island paradise, Akime knows that no amount of sun and sand can hide the hypocrisy, hatred, and danger that fill his days. As a gay man in Jamaica, he's skilled at hiding the truth from others. When he meets Nathan, an Adjunct Professor at the University of the West Indies Kingston, he dares to believe that he has found the one person from whom he has nothing to hide.

For one glorious year, Akime and Nathan live the dream together, even though they must keep their love hidden. They spend weekends on Jamaica's lush and more open north-eastern coast, but Nathan has dangerous secrets of his own - including an intensifying relationship with Nicole, an American woman. Without warning, Nathan leaves the island, and Akime, behind to start a new life with her in New York City.

Devastated, Akime decides to follow Nathan to New York, where the former lovers are touched by tragedy. In a desperate moment, one lays dying of gunshot, and the other must act upon his own mortality. Meanwhile, Nicole has questions of her own about Nathan's history with Akime.

Now only time will tell if the man left behind has any hope of happiness - or whether the tortured ghosts of his past will haunt him forever.