Liberace: Lives of Notable Gay Men and Lesbians by Ray Mungo
1995, Paperback

A musical prodigy at the age of four, Wally Liberace defied convention to become the one and only Liberace, one of the most popular- and most controversial- pianists in American history. His trademark mixture of popular and classical music thrilled audiences and dismayed music critics, and his outrageous costumes and comments (as well as his shrewd exploitation of the then-new media of television) earned him the title "Mr. Showmanship."

Meanwhile, Liberace led a double life, publicly playing the role of misunderstood heterosexual while privately pursuing a number of gay affairs, discovering love with Scott Thorson, and eventually contracting AIDS. Pulitzer Prize-nominated author Ray Mungo examines Liberace's life in the closet, revealing his obsessive accumulation of fame, wealth, and possessions-and his deeply held fear that one slip would destroy it all.

Lives of Notable Gay Men and Lesbians is a series of biographies of individuals of exceptional accomplishment and historical interest from the worlds of art, science, politics, and sports.