LGBTQ Stats: Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, and Queer People by the Numbers by David Deschamps and Bennett Singer 
Paperback, 2017 

Twenty years ago it was impossible to imagine the president of the United States embracing same-sex marriage or Olympic medalist Bruce Jenner transitioning to Caitlyn Jenner, an open transgender woman. 

LGBTQ Stats chronicles the ongoing LGBTQ revolution, providing the latest statistics on activism and laws, family and marriage, workplace discrimination, education and youth, health and aging, media, public opinion, sports, religion, and violence. 

Drawing from hundreds of sources, authors David Deschamps and Bennett Singer have assembled a collection that is full of insights and surprises: Did you know that 31 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds in the United States describe themselves as "not 100 percent heterosexual"? Or that the state with the highest proportion of same-sex couples raising children is Mississippi? Or that North Carolina's anti-trans law could cost the state $5 billion per year? Or that 13 countries impose the death penalty for same-sex activity? 

An eye-opening, lively, and accessible snapshot, LGBTQ Stats offers an indispensable resource for activists, journalists, lawmakers, and general readers looking for the facts and figures on LGBTQ lives in the 21st century.