Detonating the Nuclear Family

Detonating the Nuclear Family


Lesbians Talk: Detonating the nuclear family by Julia Brosnan
1996, Paperback

The nuclear family is patriarchal, heterosexual, exclusive and homophobic. The current case for the 'traditional family' is essentially backward looking and the vast majority find its nostalgic, rose-tinted certainties comforting. But while the family may not have come out of the closet queers certainly have and in the process have discovered a critical truth: it doesn't have to be like that.

Old lifestyles and patterns of behaviour handed down to us through our families are not the best, we don't have to stay chained to partners we hate, children don't necessarily despise their parents, women don't have to live a life of sacrifice, and men don't have to be feared and worshipped. Gone are the neat, conformist, self-perpetuating family units and in come much more fluid and unpredictable ways of life. When the family opens up there are all sorts of benefits for both the gay and the straight world.

With a range of lesbian voices, from lesbian mothers to activists on the family debate, this pamphlet deconstructs the nuclear family and offers positive insight into new patterns of relating, parenting and caring.