Lesbian Art in America
Lesbian Art in America

Lesbian Art in America


Lesbian Art in America: A Contemporary History by Harmony Hammond
2000, Hardcover

" If a lesbian makes a painting, is it lesbian art? If a man regards a piece by a lesbian, is it still lesbian art? And what if a straight man gets off on it?
These are threads from the skein of questions posed by Harmony Hammond’s “Lesbian Art in America: A Contemporary History.”
The book’s three sections focus on each of the decades since 1970, placing the art made by lesbians in each period against the larger history of emerging lesbian culture; there are also profiles of the work of about 20 especially important artists. In fact, I recommend this book for anybody (such as short-attention-spanned baby queers) who wants to understand the modern phenomenon of lesbianism but lacks the patience to pursue history as history. Because the art pretty much reflected the movement at every point, and because it is art — expressive and intimate, even when confounding — it presents the history in an easily accessed emotional, rather than intellectual, way. This effect is amplified by personal statements from the artists about their times and work. "
- Quote from Jonathan Lerner, Salon.com