Left Hander in London

Left Hander in London


Left Hander in London by JJ Marie Gufreda 

2011, paperback

What happens when an ordinary Joe becomes a Jane? 

That candid, funny and sometimes bittersweet story is told in Left-Hander in London. The title refers to realizing you are different from most people, but uncertain how to get to that seemingly far-away place where you will be happy.

Joe Gufreda was a loving husband and father, successful businessman and faithful Catholic in the Midwest. But after years of confusion and anxiety, he realized he was not living his true gender and began the journey toward becoming JJ Marie. 

How to tell people? What to tell people? For anyone hiding and suppressing an important secret, Left-Hander in London offers a roadmap on how to go public and what reactions to expect. For friends, family and business associates, JJ Marie's first-hand account will give you vital cues on how to respond to the coming out of a transgender, lesbian, gay or bisexual.

While the reactions from some will shock you, Left-Hander in London will reaffirm your faith in people's basic goodness - and the importance of all us being who we truly are.