Lark in the Morning

Lark in the Morning

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Lark in the Morning by Nancy Garden 

1991, hardcover 

Seventeen-year-old Gillian Harrison is looking forward to a summer in Rhode Island. However, her family's vacation house has been broken into, and food and bedding are missing. So is Gillian's diary, in which, last summer, she confided that she had fallen in love with her best friend, Suzanne. And although Gillian now knows that Suzanne shares her feelings, she is upset that a stranger might have read her most private thoughts. 

Then Gillian stumbles across the thieves and they are not at all what she expected. Lark and Jackie, sister and brother, are young runaways camping out in an abandoned hut, stealing food to survive, and terrified of being sent back to their abusive parents. Rather than tell her family or Suzanne, Gillian decides to respect the children's fear and help them on her own. But when the police seem close to discovering Lark and Jackie, Gillian wonders if she has taken on too much - especially since Lark once attempted suicide.