Inside Memory

Inside Memory




Timothy Findley is on the bestseller lists — again. Pilgrim, his newest and most ambitious novel yet, has gone like a bullet to the upper echelons of all the Canadian lists. Findley fans are out in full force, and many will be looking for another Findley fix. Inside Memory: Pages from a Writer’s Notebook will satisfy the craving with equally wonderful doses of memories, love and laughter.

Now repackaged in the popular new PerennialCanada imprint, Inside Memoryinvites the reader to share Findley’s life and work. Drawing from his personal journal entries and eclectic reflections, recollections and even an out-take from one of his early novels, the award-winning author shares his extraordinary life with his readers.

From his early days as an actor in London’s West End, through to his transition to a writer, Findley entertains with the fascinating people and real life settings that have shaped his life. At the same time, he reveals the creative landscape of his mind and his work, a journey that shows how memory informs and infuses every aspect of his books. Above all, Findley tells great stories, showing once again that he is a true master of his craft.