Husk by Corey Redekop
2012, Paperback

It's one thing to die alone and confused, trapped with your pants down around your ankles in the filthiest bus restroom in history. It's quite another to wake up during the autopsy, attack the coroner, and flee into the wintry streets of Toronto.

It's not like Sheldon Funk didn't have enough on his plate. His last audition, for the reality series House Bingo, went disastrously wrong. His mother is in the late stages of dementia. His savings are depleted, his agent couldn't care less, his boyfriend is little more than a nice set of abs. Now, Sheldon also has to contend with decomposition, the scent of the open grave, and an unending appetite for human flesh. 

Plus another audition in the morning.

For Sheldon to survive his death without falling apart at the seams, he must find a way to balance family, career, and cannibalism. 

If only he can hid his secret.

If only he can stop killing hoboes.

If only.