Heartthrob: a Hundred Years of Beautiful Men

Heartthrob: a Hundred Years of Beautiful Men


Heartthrob: A Hundred Years of Beautiful Men by Donald F. Reuter

first published 1998, hardcover




The twentieth century has given us that male phenomenon who, with the wink of an eye and flash of a toothy smile, can send whole populations into near hysterics -- the heartthob. Over the last hundred years the male physical ideal has shifted through a myriad of categories -- you'll find them all here, from the Golden Boy to the Boy Next Door, the Misunderstood Male to the Dream Date, the Crooner to the Hunk, and the list goes on. This lavish photographic celebration features images of a dazzling array of heart-stopping faces from Tab Hunter to Tom Hanks, Robert Mitchum to Robert Redford, among dozens of others. With personal commentary, written for the book, from some of the best known and respected figures in dashion, film, photography, art and literature, including Isabella Rossellini, Naomi Campbell, Tyson Beckford, Linda Wells, Isaac Mizrahi, Geoffrey Beene, Nancy Friday, Steven Meisel, Eillen Ford, Amy Fine Collins, Herb Ritts, and more,Heartthrob takes a look at past and present definitions of male beauty -- and brings you face to face with the most beautiful men of our time.