Harm's Way [eBook]

Harm's Way [eBook]


Harm's Way by Maureen Hynes
2001, eBook
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Water, wood, metal, stone, salt, cotton — these are some of the everyday talismans that Maureen Hynes encounters on her journey through Harm’s Way. A soldier’s gold fountain pen, like the war itself, lies buried for decades; the corrugated metal and glass shattered across the Australian outback teach her a new way to look at landscape; the silk of an old parachute recalls her first lesson in longing, and even the ribbed cotton of new undershirts sparks a poignant grief.

In this, her remarkably deft second collection of poems, Hynes takes us travelling on a road signposted with the dangers and fears we encounter in the larger world and which intersects with our most private moments and memories. But Harm’s Way is also a shared journey fueled by a meticulous search for hope, compassion and courage, for “the molecular level of kindness.” The intensity of our personal engagement with the world and with others, suggests Hynes, both heightens the journey’s menace and redeems its pain.

Maureen Hynes is a Toronto poet whose poetry collection, Rough Skin, won the League of Canadian Poets Gerald Lampert prize for best first book of poetry in 1995. Books in Canada said of her poetic skill in Rough Skin, “Her range of subject matters and styles is remarkable, her selection of details, impeccable.” The Canadian Book Review Annualsaid, “A book this good makes you wonder what will come next. The promise of Rough Skin is fulfilled in Harm’s Way.”

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