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Gossip by Christopher Bram
1997, Hardcover

Ralph Eckhart meets "Thersites" on the Internet. The manager of a Greenwich Village bookstore and politically to the left, Ralph agrees to an F2F (face-to-face) meeting with Thersites in Washington, D.C., where his friend Nancy writes speeches for a popular woman senator. With his penchant for Shakespearean drama, Ralph should have seen the elements gathering for tragedy...or farce.

Here Bram's dead-on depiction of gay and straight politics, FBI conspiracies, and sex inside the Beltway taps into our national paranoia and delivers a knock-out punch of truth. Gossip is Bram's own "tell-all" book, showing how power corrupts both left and right, and how homophobia still hurts. Already highly accomplished, Bram has topped himself in his latest novel, and readers will find reason not just to applaud but to get up and cheer him on.