Gorgeous White Female

Gorgeous White Female


Gorgeous White Female by Adam Zameenzad
1995, Paperback

Eleven-year-old Lahya despises his Bengali father and yearns to be like his English middle-class mother, whom he worships. Taken to New York for the funeral of his murdered grandfather who ran a chain of sex shops in the city, he finds the solution to his obsession in Kali, the black goddess. He makes a Faustian pact with her that demands the sacrifice of a young, good looking white male in order for him to be transformed into the gorgeous white female of his dreams. So Lahya ventures forth into the streets of New York in search of his prey…

In this provocative, darkly humorous and wickedly observant novel, Zameenzad conjures up the sexual and emotional maelstrom of a young boy on the verge of adulthood.

"An artfully constructed novel, playfully imaginative and featuring sentences that have the rhythm and rumble of Manhattan street sounds." Time Out